about bill sullivan enterprises

Bill Sullivan Enterprises (BSE) is as a social impact and strategy consulting firm with a mission to reduce poverty by reforming and enhancing social systems that mutually benefit institutions, the people they serve and the communities in which they live. BSE leads non-profit, business and government entities to develop actionable solutions and guide organizational leaders in addressing fundamental institutional, societal or policy related issues. “Courageous thinking” is the hallmark of BSE strategies and collaborations which results in transformative and innovative approaches to addressing and solving complex problems related to economic inequality.  Working with BSE is customized to the unique needs of the client. Fees, scope, term and outcomes of the work are determined based upon a mutually agreed work plan.  

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about bill sullivan

Bill Sullivan is the Founder and Chief Social Strategist of BSE. He is performance-driven, passionate and an award-winning creative thinker with 20 years’ experience innovating the social sector. Bill’s unique perspective on social change is often characterized as courageous, influential and transformative. Bill has achieved outstanding outcomes in his career that have proven to maximize individual potential and enrich communities while creating financial and social value to organizations. This holistic approach often involves entrepreneurial program development, strategic partnerships, advocating and influencing public policy, financial modeling and inventive outreach.