A Social Impact and Strategy Consulting Firm

We are a social impact and strategy consulting firm with a mission to reduce poverty by reforming and enhancing social systems that mutually benefit institutions, the people they serve and the communities in which they live. We lead non-profit, business and government entities to develop actionable solutions and guide organizational leaders in addressing fundamental institutional, societal or policy related issues. We are introducing human centered design to our toolkit for social impact. See The Courage Collective below on this page to learn more.

Think With Courage

"People are not best characterized by what they experience today, but rather by their potential that is often shadowed by circumstances. It is within the human condition to grow, adapt and become stronger. Yet, our social environments that are often intended to support us are regularly constructed in ways that inhibit the natural order of potential. Reorganize the systems and you reorganize the outcomes. It is only when people are confident in their survival they can begin to develop a relationship with their potential."                                                                   

the courage collective

The Courage Collective is a nexus for human centered design. We facilitate structured design labs to build solutions to complex social problems and help leaders manage organizational change. We tap into the brain capital of experienced innovators, corporate executives and proven social strategists to develop viable solutions and actionable strategies. We think courageously and strategically. We address problems differently and produce different results.

Social Strategies

Public Health Outcomes    Government / Municipal

Public Health Outcomes

Government / Municipal

Human-Centered Design   All Sectors

Human-Centered Design

All Sectors